"Education is for life," someone has said; and, "In the highest sense the work of education and the work of redemption are one..." (Education, 30). These quotes may give some justification for the priority placed, the appropriations made, and the number of persons involved in the work of Adventist education.

A sign that hangs in the Education Department says, "It is better to build a child than to mend a man." Although one could hope that society might value education for more than its economic benefits, in today's world the market value of a person's life seems to get more attention than moral values. Preparing a student for a life on this earth to earn a "good living" seems to carry higher value in many minds than preparing students for a life of honesty, integrity, and service to humanity.

However, in the Lake Union Seventh-day Adventist K–12 system, our educational curriculum is designed to build a better child, fully prepared for service to both God and humanity, in 84 K–8 schools, 20 junior academies, five day academies (four of them K–12), and four senior boarding academies, with about 4,700 students and 398 full-time equivalent (FTE) teachers.

Here are some examples of the services provided by the Lake Union Education Department:

Bible Labs

Expansion of the "Bible Labs" concept to include global mission projects has caused many schools to participate in three major projects:

  • Project Word gathered 3,600 used Bibles and raised an additional $3,000 for the purchase of more Bibles which were distributed in the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, and Guyana.
  • Project Love a Child raised approximately $10,000 to provide meals for hungry children in Haiti. ADRA distributed the funds to three orphanages.
  • Project Care Package prepared 5,000 care packages to assist poverty stricken children in 50 unreached villages. They were shipped to Marcio and Jane Costa in southern Guyana.

Short-Term Mission Trips

The growth of the concept of service for others has inspired some academies to choose a church/school building/witnessing trip either as a special instructional tour or as a senior class trip. Some of the most noteworthy changes in recent years have been made in spiritual growth, resulting in an increase in students' interest and desire to participate in prayer and service for others.

Teachers Convention

The most awesome educational event for us in the last few years was the first ever North American Division K–12 teachers convention in Dallas, Texas, August 13–16, 2000, attended by 6,500 teachers and spouses, 725 from the Lake Union. A second convention for North American Seventh-day Adventist teachers was held in Nashville, Tennessee, in 2006. For many they were the most awe-inspiring and spiritually-uplifting professional growth meetings ever, professionally preparing our minds, spiritually uplifting our souls, and sharpening our focus on our mission.

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Garry Sudds